“I’m outta here!” money

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On one of the coldest days in January, Gary turned to his wife and stated, “If we win the lottery, I’m outta here. His wife asked what will you do? “Spend a few years on the beach, just enjoying life.” Being an insightful and astute observer, his wife replied that he would be bored in a week. She was right.
I don’t know about Gary, but every time I’ve made the attempt to list what I would do with a large influx of “I’m outta here” money, it always turns out to look like what I do every day – just with more money, more time, and a newer, sexier car.

Over the years, and usually around the first of the year, people often wonder if life is passing them by. They fear they are missing out and maybe they should change their life, their work, or their marriage. They have a feeling that there’s something more exciting and fulfilling they are supposed to be doing; their relationships no longer enliven them.

If you have ever felt this way, maybe it’s not your work or the people in your life. Maybe it’s the way you view your world.

Step back, look at all aspects of your life, make a list of what energizes you and what drains you. Chances are there are many things you love about your current situation.

If you’re feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with your life, and all your thoughts are focused on what’s wrong, that’s all you see. Negative thinking feeds on itself and prevents you from seeing the joy in anything you do. It’s your negative focus that’s making you feel stuck.

Find ways to quit or delegate the activities that drain your energy. Instead, consciously focus your energy and thoughts on the parts of life that excite you, open the door to possibilities, and create new ideas. Then you can make a valid choice about what you’d do with your “I’m outta here” money.

The road is easier together,

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