Insider Perspective: Are you managing with tunnel vision?

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As you plan for 2013, do you look back and wonder what you could have done to make 2012 stronger? If so, you’re not alone.

Many plan but find gaps in execution. One frequent – but preventable gap is tunnel vision. It’s caused by being buried with work or by depending on people solely within your company or your industry for help.

Tunnel vision means you’re not getting outside perspectives that help you see your business from new angles. Tunnel vision prevents you from thinking “outside-the-box”.

Fortunately there are solutions; you can:

• Talk to suppliers and customers and get their perspective

• Research the web, not just your industry trade publications and business magazines

• Join a peer group (like Inner Circle) – one that brings different types of businesses to the table.

The advantage of this type of peer group is that you step away from your business for three hours a month to work on the business instead of in it. It lets participants from many different arenas share their business – and personal – challenges in a confidential setting.

The diversity provides you with fresh viewpoints and unique ways to tackle your problems – in ways that people within your own industry aren’t using.

Eliminating tunnel vision can help you approach 2013 with new insights and renewed enthusiasm.

Abolish tunnel vision in your business and have a stronger 2013.

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