Are You an Encourager?

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When my nephew Josh was 14, he loved digging into the statistics of different countries, their population, latitude and longitude, GDP, GNP, and the products they produced.

For a family gathering, he invented a game called World Domination. He researched the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of over 40 countries and designed a game board. The object was to accumulate countries and end the game with the highest GDP, thus achieving World Domination. Of course, the game was not polished, but we had a blast. We honored the hours, the effort, and the enthusiasm Josh had poured into his creation. Pictured above are the winners of World Domination, my sister Karen and nephew, Charlie.

Have you had the opportunity to encourage someone to develop their special talents and interests? There are formal programs, but today is about simply taking the time to pat someone on the back, give a reference, or show your appreciation. Would you make a phone call? Listen to their story? Take the time to write a note? Watch them perform? Show and tell them how proud you are of their achievements?

Here are some ways you can encourage people to keep on keeping on:

  • Show you care. Give your time and attention. Listen attentively.
  • Tell them verbally. Use the four magic words: I believe in you….
  • Tell them in writing.
  • Share their accomplishments with others.
  • Trust them with more.
  • Help them to find and develop their potential.
  • Be persistent.

 We have all had someone in our life who encouraged us, made us feel we could achieve our dreams. Pass it on, be that person in another’s life.


The road is easier together,


Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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