“Life Is Amazing And No One Is Happy”

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We take for granted the advances that continue to make our lives easier:  We eat foods grown around the world, talk to friends who are thousands miles away, pay for lunch with a wave of our smart phones and our cars can parallel park themselves! Pretty amazing.

Remarkable discoveries are being made every day in medicine, nanotechnology and communication, but still people complain.

  • Office workers average 121 emails each day.
  • The average person has 19 passwords.  One in three of those passwords is weak.
  • Battery life is never long enough yet 15% of phone chargers are lost within three months of purchase.
  • Hackers, what did we ever do to them?

On the bright side. Innovative technologies will continue to improve our world.  In the next three years we can expect:

Car to Car Communication – Cars that talk to each other and avoid crashes.

Project Loon – For the first time ever, 4.3 billion people will have access to the internet, expanding their educational and economic opportunities.

Brain Organoids – a new method for growing human brain cells could unlock mysteries of dementia, mental illness and other neurological disorders.

Our amazing technologies serve as constant reminders of how strange and wondrous our world is.  Enjoy them.  Revel in the advantages they offer.  I for one, do not wish to go back to the age of washing clothes with a wash board and out houses.

A Must Watch! America’s favorite philosopher comic, Lewis CK said it best on Late Night with Conan O’Brien “Life is amazing and no one is happy.”  

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