Light Bulb Moments – Bring ‘Em On!

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I love going to conferences and being exposed to new ideas.  That’s why I attended the MREA
Energy Issues Summit
last week and that’s where I had my most recent “light bulb” moment.   

You know what I’m talking about?  It’s a sudden comprehension that makes you sit straight up in your chair and say, “I get it!”  For me it’s like a jolt of adrenalin surging through my body.

Light bulb moments are exciting, energizing and revitalizing.  They give you new insights and solutions to perplexing problems.  They inspire you to move in directions you hadn’t considered before.  They expand your horizons and fill your mind with possibilities.

If they’re so great, why can’t we have them more often?

One reason is our minds are full of clutter and noise.  If your day is anything like mine, from the minute you wake up your mind is filled with thoughts of breakfast, getting the kids off, your meeting at work, the issues you need to deal with, what you’re having for dinner, the soft ballgame, what you’ll wear to work tomorrow, the load of clothes you have to wash and on and on and on.

What stops people from having light bulb moments?

  • A closed mind
  • A busy mind
  • Talking
  • Hurt feelings or feeling unloved
  • Fear of failure or of being ridiculed
  • Hunger
  • Danger
  • Disease

To be open to light bulb moments you need a clear mind.  Do you meditate?  Go on walks? Do you practice deep breathing exercises?  Sit in a dark room and just be still.  These activities calm and sharpen your focus.  They allow your subconscious and super-conscious mind to do what they do best: search for answers and inspiration.

Light bulb moments make you a better business owner and boss.  They give you an extra edge and insight that is attractive and compelling.  They give you bursts of brilliance and help you think outside the box.

Start practicing today.  Use those light bulb moments to inspire, motivate, and drive you ahead of the competition.

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