Did Your Mama Teach You The Magic Words?

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I was in line at a small bookstore at the end of a day;
there was only one clerk behind the counter.  Suddenly the door opened and a woman stepped in front of me, interrupting the clerk (who was helping another customer) and totally ignoring those patiently waiting their turn.  She demanded immediate service.    Attitude and expectation oozed from her.  The clerk courteously explained she was helping another customer and would assist her as soon as possible.  When it was my turn, I invited the woman to go ahead of me.  Her tone never changed from sounding as if everyone in the world existed only as an inconvenience to her.  I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t even say “thank you.”
In the relentless pace of today’s world we often get caught up with our own agenda and neglect the simple pleasantries that connect us with others.  Whether the relationship is personal or professional, a proper “thank you” still matters.  In fact, it may set you apart because so few people take the time and effort.
How do you say “thank you” and do it well?Be authentic.  Be sincere in your appreciation.  A pre-printed thank you card is better than nothing, but expressing thanks can be much more powerful when you tell someone how much their effort means to you or your business.
Thank immediately.  Don’t wait. Send the note or email within a week after you receive a gift, card or favor.
Thank often.  When you are sincere in your appreciation, you can never say thank you enough.  It’s a sign of respect and caring.
Don’t delegate.  Saying thanks is something you must do yourself, don’t delegate it to your assistant or your spouse.  Take ownership of your appreciation.  Avoid form notes where you fill in the blanks; they’re insincere and tacky.
A handwritten note.  The handwritten thank you is still the best, especially when you invest in a nice card or stationery and use your best penmanship.
A thank you email.  If you are pressed for time or have nightmarish handwriting, sending an email is the next best thing.  The suggestions above still apply.Let’s all make the effort to say “thank you” to customers, employees, colleagues and partners for placing their trust in us, for giving us their business, for staying late to finish a project and for making our day brighter.


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