So Many Good Ideas – How Do You Choose The Right One?

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Sean and Dave are brothers and business partners.  They’ve built their company by working hard, paying attention to the numbers and listening to customers.  Their business has been stable and successful for years.  Lately though, changes in technology, increasing competition and customer preferences have begun to threaten the status quo.

They had to rejuvenate their company or face closing.  Together with their top managers, they brainstormed possible solutions.  The result was several viable ideas but they needed a process to determine which would hold the most potential.

They started with these questions:

  1. What is our greatest strength?  Will the new product or process build on it or compliment it?
  2. Do the ideas have a common theme or an audience overlap?
  3. Do the ideas address a need in our market?
  4. Can any of them be combined?
  5. Which of the ideas has the best potential for making money?
  6. Which of the ideas bring out the most passion in the team?
  7. Do we have enough money to fund the concept?

Sean and Dave asked the right questions.  Together with their team, they chose ideas that would leverage their strengths, build on market needs and position their company for future success.  They’re excited and confident about what the future holds in store.
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