March Question of the Month – Improve Perception of Brand

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Here are the top 3 questions to March’s question, “What have you done, or should you do to improving the perception of your company’s brand as ethical and honest?

“I’m going to talk about core values. Integrity and relationships.  Whether we deal with an employee, a customer or a vendor, we do what’s right. I take it seriously even if it means sacrificing profit. That blows people away.”

“How could you be in business for 12 years and not be ethical and honest. We must be doing something right. We under promise and over deliver. We do what we say we’ll do, and we get it in writing. We use the ‘WE’ strategy – when things go wrong everyone knows that there’s someone on the team that their back. Most of the time it’s the whole team pulling together.”

“We consciously set out to be ethically and honest, but I think it’s some of the things we do that promote that. When accounts are billed wrong, we’re immediately on the phone to repair it – even when it’s only a few pennies.
Our core values drive us in the decision-making process. We promote them on our website, and we move them forward in the tone of everything we write and the way we act.
Our key people reflect who we are. You have to be ethical and honest to be in the game. It’s permission to play.”

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