Moments that take your breath away

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Moments that take your breath away

National Geographic just announced their 2019 Travel Photo Contest winners.  The pictures are stunning; each one tells a story about a moment in time. We just celebrated my godparents’ 70th wedding anniversary on their family farm.  Numerous cameras and phones preserved the event forever in our family history. 

As we approach next week’s July 4th holiday, what will be in the pictures you take?  Family?  Fishing?  Fireworks?  Food?

Here are five tips to help you take the best pictures ever.

  • Forget about asking people to smile or pose.  The best facial expressions come from being comfortable and natural.  If your subject runs away, go with it.  Take the picture from the side or back.  (One of the most famous photos of Winston Churchill was shot from behind.)
  • Think of the view through your lens as a blank canvas.  Choose what’s in the background and what you want to frame.  Should something be moved, or should you turn the camera?  When taking a portrait, try to include your subjects’ hands.  Hands and eyes can make your pictures memorable.
  • Outside in natural light is best.  Be sure your subjects aren’t backlit or squinting into the sun.
  • Handheld cameras can make it difficult to get a sharp shot.  Get a gorilla pod or tripod to keep your camera steady.
  • Give your subjects something to do such as leaning against a wall or cuddling up in their favorite blanket.  Take pictures of them doing activities they enjoy such as woodworking, cooking, knitting.

Photographs aren’t complete until they are printed and shared.  There’s no greater pleasure than giving a print or a photobook to someone.  It’s a lasting gift.

The road is easier together,

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