Motivation is Hard – Spring Fever is Real

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The trees are budding, windows are open, birds are singing, and employees are getting spring fever. To complicate matters, many are still working from home. Their thoughts are on the outside world, gardening, mowing, love, anything but the project you need them to complete.

According to Scientific American, “Spring fever is real, even if it’s not a definitive diagnostic category.”

Competing for an employee’s attention can be difficult, especially at this time of year.  Knowing what drives them will help improve focus and build a stronger team. Here are some motivators.

  • Self-mastery and growth – explain how the work they’re doing will enable them to develop and grow.
  • Recognition and approval – People appreciate being praised for their efforts and accomplishments. They’ll put their best foot forward, making sure things are done right.
  • Power – many are motivated by power, influence, and control. They want to be seen as leaders, able to take charge and achieve goals.
  • Desire to win – does someone work hard because they hate losing? Chances are they’ve spent time mastering their craft in order to excel. They want to be seen as the champion.
  • Reaching out to others – Some people live to help others. They volunteer, fight for causes, and give back. That is their motivation to succeed.
  • Rewards and money – Is there a bonus involved?  Some people want the best of everything in the world and they believe it can be theirs if they have the money.
  • Passion – What is the person passionate about? Chances are they’ll wake up early, work smart, and use their time wisely if you can tap into their passion.

Knowing what motivates people matters. People crave meaning and a sense of fulfillment, knowing the work they do matters.

The road is easier together,

Time is precious. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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