Motive, Means & Marketing

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A friend of mine is a big fan of TV police shows.  She delves into every story as investigators determine motive, means and opportunity.  What was the reason behind the crime?  Was a weapon used?  Did anyone have cause? Scientific rigor is used in ferreting out all the information, checking alibis, access and witnesses.  Adhering to a strict process is critical to coming up with the right answer.  And they always come up with the right answer at the end of the show.   

These are only TV shows, play acting.  Our businesses are real life and our problems cannot be identified and solved in an hour.  But, could we use the same dynamics in business with equally positive results?

  • Are we passionate and clear about our values?  (Motive)
  • Do we have the proper amount of methodology to implement? (Means)
  • Do we have the opportunity? (Marketing)

I doubt that many companies apply the same rigor to their business strategy or plans for growth and success that CSI applies to solving crimes, but why not?

Aren’t our companies, our employees, our families and our investments figuratively speaking, also a matter of life and death?

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