New Shoes, New Haircut, New Levels Of Success

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What do you think of when you think of fall?
Some of the first things that come to my mind are cool, crisp days, brilliantly colored leaves, and
going back to school.   
Growing up in rural Wisconsin, summer was a wild time for kids.  No one cared if the clothes we put on in the morning had holes, were too big or too small or if we had shoes on our feet.  In fact, going barefoot was preferred because if you stepped in something unsavory, feet were easier to wash than shoes.  We did our chores and ran out the door for a day of adventure in the woods on the other side of the hill from our house.
Mid-August rolled around and our mother started getting us ready for school.  She’d take stock of our clothes; did we have any that still fit?  Could we wear hand-me-downs from an older sibling?  New shoes were almost always on the shopping list as were haircuts.
We looked forward to fall because going back to school meant we could see our friends again.  But our feelings were tinged with regret because the long days of fun and sun were ending.
Many businesses run in a similar manner.  Summer comes and owners spend long weekends at the lake or take vacations, and management becomes more relaxed and laid-back.
Come September though, owners begin to focus more on work and less on play.  There are, after all, only four months left in the year.  That means:

  • Four months to hit your annual sales goal
  • Four months to determine if the resources you have on hand will be sufficient for the needs of next year
  • Four months to buckle down and make this year productive and successful, and
  • Four months to prepare your company for the upcoming year:
    • Formulating a budget
    • Developing a strategic plan
    • Identifying training needs
    • Designing a fresh marketing program

Just as important as preparing your business for success is preparing yourself.  What goals will you set to enhance your life?  How will you take your company to the next level?
I suggest making a list of three opportunities for your business and your personal life.  Next write a plan that will allow you to take advantage of those opportunities.
Don’t be the business owner who spends more time working in the business than on the business.  Be proactive to be successful.

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