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How do you feel about this holiday season?  Do you look forward to the hustle and bustle, thriving on the shopping/decorating/eating/ and trying-to-fit-everything-in schedule?   Or like many of us, do you have a love/hate relationship with this time of year?  It can be challenging to fit the added stress into the everyday stress of running a business.

Often, we focus on everyone else’s needs, neglecting our own.  We need to find time every day to stop, detach momentarily from the hectic pace of clicking things off our lists and take part in a relaxing or meditative activity.
What is Meditation?  There are many ways to meditate, you can choose your way.  Three things to remember about daily meditative time:

  • It doesn’t have to take hours. Try meditation for just three to five minutes at a time
  • Create your own meditative moments, in the style and at the time that pleases and suits you
  • Quiet meditative time is just as important to your health as good food, rest and exercise

While you are trying to complete all those errands, remember the to give yourself and your family the gift of living in the “Now”.

Happy holidays,

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