October 2019 Question of the Month-Top 3 Answers

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“The time is ripe for ….?”
Leaps forward.  We sit on a lot of ideas in business or personal life and we don’t do them.  We are going into the year 2020, which is really big.  This is about vision clarity.  There will be a big shift in society and how people view things.  There are changes coming.  It’s now or never.
New beginnings – I let a long term employee go and it was so past time.  There was massive relief in staff.  I feel fresh starts all over the place – there’s excitement in the air.
I thought change might be too obvious, but it kept rising to the top.  Every fall my family has a big fall party; I clean out the garage and get the winter equipment out and ready.
I have business decisions coming up too. How do we become stronger in our sales and what should we do differently?  Exciting, challenging and nerve-wracking.

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