Are You One Of “The Brave Ones?”

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Last Friday I attended Leadercast 2015; the theme was “The Brave Ones”.  The event featured 10 speakers including brave ones such as Malala
Yousafzai, (the young woman who was shot by the Taliban because she advocated for the education of women) and Rudy Giuliani who led his city through horrific 9-11 ordeal.    When asked about bravery, they said they never thought about it; they simply did what had to be done.   

We think of bravery as courageous action during traumatic events, but being brave takes many forms.

You’re brave.  And you’re a brave leader because you:

  • Are aware that success or failure depends on you
  • Constantly and persistently live your mission, vision and faith regardless of what others think
  • Intentionally set goals that will take your company to the next level
  • Have the courage to identify, adapt and ignore the naysayers 
  • Provide jobs for people who raise children who will someday change the world
  • Pay taxes to help support and build the communities where you live
  • Work long hours to keep your business successful and your customers satisfied
  • Push yourself and those around you to never settle for “good enough”
  • Take chances every day on products, people and profitability
  • Challenge employees to always work to their potential
  • Defy tradition when you believe there is a better way

Without bravery the likelihood of long-term success is small.
Move forward intentionally and bravely. 

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