Oreo Cookie Performance Reviews

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Oreo Cookie performance reviews sound like a good idea.  When discussing a performance issue with an employee, you NEVER start with the issue itself.  Instead you start with a compliment:

Hey Monica, the summary report you do at the end of each month is a great way to keep tabs on what you’re accomplishing.

Then share the less positive feedback:

I’ve noticed that team members at your weekly meetings are sleeping or multi-tasking. Perhaps you need to assume more leadership and keep your team engaged.

Then close with another compliment to keep the vibe positive.

It’s just a suggestion, you’re the expert here, but I wanted to share that with you in case it was helpful.

There’s your Oreo:  Compliment – Critique – Compliment

Where’s the substance?  I’d be surprised if Monica even realized her performance needs improvement.

Consider these steps for a more productive review:

In advance of the meeting, ask the employee to complete a performance review on themselves.
  A performance review meeting is a two-way conversation.  Employees often save discussions about their career for these meetings.  Ask about their expectations for the meeting.  This allows the employee to come prepared.

At the meeting, compare and review the relevant parts of the performance review form
.  Ask the employee to share their successes.  Point out areas where you see strengths and where you believe there is need for improvement.  Discuss differences.  Talk about ongoing challenges and brainstorm ideas to overcome them.

Discuss ideas for development
.  This should be a significant portion of the meeting – it focuses on the future.  What are the goals and plans of the employee, are they in sync with the company’s stated mission? Determine the skills and experience that will help the employee accomplish their career goals.

Agree upon specific actions
.  Both the manager and employee should leave the meeting with items on their to-do lists.
For more ideas, click here for 100 Phrases to inspire you in your performance reviews.

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