Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

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In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had just one wish, to get back to Kansas.  Her journey was interrupted many times, by witches, a scarecrow, a cowardly lion and a tin man.  She had to overcome numerous challenges on her quest. But even fields of poppies and flying monkeys could not sidetrack Dorothy.  

The power to focus is elusive.  Our lives are minefields of distractions: smart phones, cluttered computer screens, open office plans, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on.  Observes Neuroscientist Francis Jensen, “Things fall through the cracks and our daily frenzy is probably causing us to miss a lot.  That fractured focus is getting in the way of doing our best.”

How do you improve focus?

Make a ranked list
Each morning, consider and prioritize what you need to accomplish that day.

Get rid of clutter
Too much stuff can sidetrack you.

Establish a routine
When you have a set schedule, you do routine tasks automatically and have energy left over for the important issues.

Buffer your time commitments
A late start, extra email, chatty neighbor or detour on the way to work can delay you and shred your schedule.  For peace of mind, build extra time in your schedule to accommodate distractions.

Don’t worry
Fretting about things that haven’t happened and may not happen adds unnecessary stress.  Let it go.

Savor the flavor of every day
Sit quietly for a few minutes every morning; give thanks for being alive and for all your blessings.  Start each day with an attitude of gratitude.

Be more like Dorothy, stay focused on your goals but accept, buffer and manage distractions.  You too, can achieve your heart’s desire.

The road is easier together,

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