PIVOT into A New Normal

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Do you sometimes wish you are in a bad dream and when you wake up, everything will be back to what it was six months ago? Sorry, not happening. COVID 19 is going to affect business for months, maybe years into the future. This is a challenging time for leaders who are accustomed to fixing problems. This pandemic is an unseen enemy that keeps showing up day after day.

The world has changed, and it will never go back to being the way it was. September 11th changed the world; so did the Great Recession of 2008-2009. These events propelled us into a new normal. Some of us got leaner, some eliminated a product or service or cut spending, some laid people off. A few introduced new products.

Michael Hyatt tells us we can lead with confidence in spite of the uncertainty surrounding us. He suggests asking three key questions:

1. What will you keep doing that you started doing through the crisis?

2. What will you not restart that you stopped during the crisis?

3. What does the new reality make possible?

Some of the changes you are making may have been long overdue. Crisis accelerates decision making; it forces you to make decisions you should have made earlier. It stretches everyone to the limit. You try new things, you experiment. You innovate and look at your world from other angles.

Problems are opportunities in disguise. The future is all possibility, but it begins with our mindset. If you’re slow to change, get off your heels, and lean into it. Your attitude will influence the people you lead. If you’re resistant, they’ll be resistant. If you’re eager, they’ll be eager. It’s up to you to set the pace.

The road is easier together,

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