Principles of Achievement

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Born in 1883, Napoleon Hill spent his life lecturing and writing the motivational classics The Laws of Success and Think & Grow Rich.  

Definiteness of purpose 
The starting point of all achievement.  Without purpose people drift aimlessly through life.

Mastermind alliance
An alliance of two or more minds working to accomplish an objective.  Success does not come without the cooperation of others.

Going the extra mile
Practice rendering more and better service than what people pay for or expect.  When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation manifests itself.

Pleasing personality
Your personality is the sum of your mental, spiritual and physical traits.  This differentiates you from all others.

Personal initiative
This is demonstrated by your ability to act and complete what you begin.

Positive mental attitude
A positive attitude is the right attitude in all circumstances.  Success attracts more success: failure attracts more failure.

Enthusiasm is faith in action, a burning desire that comes from within and is obvious in your voice and expressions.

If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs.

Controlled attention
Controlled attention leads to mastery as it enables one to focus the power of the mind upon the achievement of a goal.

Harmonious cooperation that is willing, voluntary and free leads to success.  Teamwork is a priceless asset.

Adversity & defeat
Most failures represent only a temporary defeat that may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Creative vision
This is the free and fearless use of one’s imagination.

Sound health begins with awareness, just as financial success begins with a prosperity mindset.

Budgeting time & money
Time and money are precious resources and few people believe they have either in excess.

Developing positive habits leads to peace of mind, health and financial security.  You are where you are because of your habits, thoughts and deeds.

Napoleon Hill’s Principles for Personal Achievement are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago.

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