The Law of Thirds

In every organization there are:

  1. The Naysayers who aren’t for you.  They may not speak out, but you have a gut feeling they don’t have your back.  These people don’t want the best for you; they might be passive or aggressive in their resistance. Read More

PIVOT into A New Normal

Do you sometimes wish you are in a bad dream and when you wake up, everything will be back to what it was six months ago? Sorry, not happening. Read More

Leaders Need Vacation Time Too

In this pandemic, it’s never been more important to take time off. Time off looks different for everyone. Do you like taking long walks, reading a book not related to work, streaming an entire series you have been pining for, or maybe even bunging jumping? As a leader, it’s crucial for you to take time to do what you enjoy outside of work. Leaders deserve to take breaks too. There are many benefits to stepping away from the business for a while.

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What Does the Other Person Want?

The ability to persuade is a valuable skill.  It translates into making a huge sale, convincing people to follow your leadership, getting customers to pay bills on time, and assisting in passing legislation that’s important to you. Read More

JUNE 2020 ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What’s your “get-pumped” song and who’s the artist??


What’s Your “Get-Pumped” Song and Who’s The Artist??

Aaron Copeland – Rodeo

Alan Parson’s Project – Eye in the sky  (1st 90 seconds) 

Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire

Alicia Keys – No One


Awolnation – 

Billy Joel – Piano Man

Colton Dixon – Through all of it

David Guetta Ft. Sia – Titanium

George Jones – Tonight the bottle let me

Group1Crew – Live it up

Hamilton the Musical – My Shot

House of Pain – JumpAround

Jason Mraz – Have it all

John Phillip Sousa (marches/patriotic kind of songs) – Stars and Stripes Forever

John Phillip Sousa – The Liberty Bell

Kenny Logins – Footloose

Lizzo – Good as hell

Lauren Daigle – Look up Child

Mary Chapin Carpenter – I feel lucky

McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t no stopping us now!

Nahko and Medicine for the people – Aloha Ke Akua

Piano Guys – Fight song amazing Grace

Pointer Sisters – I’m so Excited

Rachael Platten – Fight song

Ram Jam – Black Betty

Randy Travis – Amazing Grace

Sam hunt – Leave the night on

Shania Twain – Man I feel like a woman

Survivor – Eye of the tiger (Rocky movie)

William Batchelder Bradbury – Sweet hour of prayer (sitting at the piano)

Taron Egerton – I’m Still Standing (from the movie SING)

Taylor Swift – Shake it off

News Boys – We Believe

Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Weezer – My name is Jonas

Wolf of Wall Street movie – I’m Not Leaving (video pep talk)

The road is easier together,


“The Talk” – We Can Be Better Than This

When I was growing up getting “the talk” meant having a somewhat awkward conversation with your parent about the birds & the bees.  Today having “the talk” means something entirely different and more ominous especially if you are a person of color.
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What Have We Learned from All This?

How quickly life can change.  We’re five months into a pandemic that has changed the rhythm of our lives.  As we take time to think first of the health of our families, friends, employees, and communities, we are also learning lessons that will help us navigate future challenges.

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