Accountability in the Workplace in Uncertain Times

When COVID-19 struck and forced many of us to start working from home, a somehow old but new conversation started on a vast scale. Suddenly leaders had to find ways to hold their employees accountable while they were out of the office. While grappling with the threat of an ongoing pandemic, trying to adjust to at-home work, and maybe even taking care of children, many workers started to feel less motivated. All of the ongoing issues that the pandemic brought are valid, but it might have also impacted productivity in the workplace and having an accountability system could be the solution.

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What Key Drivers Do You Watch?

Understanding key drivers and how to identify them is critical at any time, but even more so in today’s topsy-turvy business environment.

key business driver is an indicator that has a major impact on the performance of your specific business.  The secret to success is identifying essential ones that: Read More

The Law of Thirds

In every organization there are:

  1. The Naysayers who aren’t for you.  They may not speak out, but you have a gut feeling they don’t have your back.  These people don’t want the best for you; they might be passive or aggressive in their resistance. Read More

PIVOT into A New Normal

Do you sometimes wish you are in a bad dream and when you wake up, everything will be back to what it was six months ago? Sorry, not happening. Read More

Leaders Need Vacation Time Too

In this pandemic, it’s never been more important to take time off. Time off looks different for everyone. Do you like taking long walks, reading a book not related to work, streaming an entire series you have been pining for, or maybe even bunging jumping? As a leader, it’s crucial for you to take time to do what you enjoy outside of work. Leaders deserve to take breaks too. There are many benefits to stepping away from the business for a while.

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What Does the Other Person Want?

The ability to persuade is a valuable skill.  It translates into making a huge sale, convincing people to follow your leadership, getting customers to pay bills on time, and assisting in passing legislation that’s important to you. Read More