Bedtime Stories

Every day should be National Family Literacy Day!

Tomorrow, November 1st is National Family Literacy Day.  Do you remember books at bedtime with a parent?  Did/do you read stories with your own children?  It’s that special one-on-one timeRead More

Turn Off The Blender!

Has problem-solving ever felt as if you are stuck in a never-ending blender?  That’s how Janice felt in dealing with issues in her business.  She would get lost in a Google black hole digging for ideas and solutions.  “There comes a point where you’re just wasting time and running in circles.”   Read More

The Mindset of High-Performing Teams

What makes a team thrive? What enables teams across the country to perform to their fullest potential? What makes some teams falter and flounder, while other teams flourish? Teams that succeed together have a specific mindset; their skills complement one another and their goals align.
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Who’s Your Target? Competitors or Customers?

Kwik Trip more-than-just gas stations are cropping up all over and often across the street from a competing gas station.  In St. Cloud on Tuesday, their gas was $2.439 – across the street it was $2.599.  Thursday the prices were reversed: gas at the competitor’s station was $2.439 and at Kwik Trip it was $2.599.

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Do you want your best to leave?

Companies spend billions of dollars on recruiting and interviewing, hoping they’ll hire the very best.  Every day, headhunters and your competitors are seeking ways to lure your most valuable employees away.   Read More

Transforming Stress to Productivity

There is the common misconception that leaders are predisposed to deal with stress more effectively than everyone else. But leaders are made, not born. Sure, some natural born qualities help, but leaders become strong and influential by learning and adapting. Read More

Can Families Have A Mission Statement?

Can Families Have A Mission Statement

One of the things I enjoy most about belonging to a book club is being exposed to ideas I have not considered.  In last month’s book, Content Inc. (about providing unique content, growing followers and building a successful business) the author shared The Pulizzi Mission” his family’s mission statement.  Read More