You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

The title of today’s Raven Cue is a quote by Marian Wright Edelman, Founder & President of the Children’s Defense Fund.

“Children believe they can succeed when they have successful role models they can relate to.”
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No One Did Anything Until an Extraordinary Leader Stepped Up


Natalie Gilbert was 13 when she won the promotion to sing the National Anthem at the Rose Garden, home of the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team.  On the day of the game she woke up feeling sick, but she knew the show must go on.  As she stood center court in front of 20,000 fans, she started singing.
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Is friction a bad thing?

In the physical world, friction allows us to accomplish many everyday tasks: running, driving a car up a hill, even sitting on a chair. It’s a necessary part of our lives.  But when we think of friction among people, most of us have learned to think of it as a negative force, a clash of wills or opinions that makes it difficult for us to achieve our goals.  Going up against someone dissimilar can cause conflict and make us bristle.

Rawhide and Processes

Process – a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end.  The clearer the process, the more efficient the operation.  Thriving businesses depend on successful processes.

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Kittens and Experts – Lessons from Everyday Life

We recently replaced our front door as well as the timbers that were supporting it.  About a month ago one of our outdoor cats had given birth to three kittens. The kittens are still shy around people.

I warned my husband and the carpenter to be careful during the construction, to ensure no kittens got under the house as they would be trapped with no way out.

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Time and Priorities

During a play in New York City about gang violence, a cell phone rang in the audience.  Thoughtlessly, the man answered it.  He was hunched over talking when one of the actors walked over, pointed the prop gun at him and said, “Give me the phone!”  Sheepishly the man handed it over.  The audience erupted in applause.  Read More

5 Sad Reasons People Stay on Jobs They Don’t Like

I hear it in roundtables, read ads online and see signs in store windows; everyone is looking for help.  Employers are offering high pay, signing bonuses and flexible hours.

So why do we know people who are reluctant to leave jobs they don’t like?  With so much opportunity, why do some stay in jobs that make them unhappy?  There are many reasons.

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Friday Philosophizing on Thursday

How do you create a great company culture?

  • By showing genuine concern for your employees,
  • By communicating openly,
  • By admitting that you’re not perfect; you’ve made mistakes.

Steve Shurts, CEO of East Central Energy reinforces this caring culture by posting his Read More

If you always do what you’ve always done…

A business owner I’d worked with years ago called me last week, his business has been going downhill for years. When he purchased the then profitable business from his father, there were 25 employees and the future was bright.  Today, he has two employees and is on the verge of closing the doors.  He was looking for ideas on what to do to save his business.   Read More