The best laid plans…

I like to plan and organize.  I admit, in December I look forward to January’s clean slate and unlimited possibilities. I laid out my 2018 plan, set a couple audacious goals and started January with a bang.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

comfortable being uncomfortable

Listening to Jeff Gau, CEO of Marco discuss his company’s growth, he made a statement that stuck with me: “We don’t do anything today that we did back then.  We’ve had to become comfortable being uncomfortable”.  Jeff made other important and memorable points.Read More

Heads or Tails

heads or tails

One of the most valuable skills you can learn and one of the hardest to master is how to make good decisions.  In my work with business owners I’ve seen many different techniques.  Timothy Carter describes some of my favorites.

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More Than You Bargained For

more than you bargained for

Last weekend, Dad and I went to an auction, seeking a bed for his guest bedroom.  As happens at auctions, Dad couldn’t buy just a bed; he had to take the entire bedroom set.  He got more than he bargained for.  Anyone want a deal on a couple of dressers?

Getting more than you bargained for happens more often than you think. Read More

Go, set the world on fire

Go, set the world on fire

Ignatius, the solider who founded the Jesuit Order, often ended his letters to his followers with the expression: ite, inflammate omnia“Go, set the world on fire.”  He wanted the Jesuit priests to be afire with passion and zeal in spreading the Gospel to the world.

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Onboarding: You Only Get One Shot At This


Traditionally, orienting new employees is a rote process consisting of an employee handbook, videos, an explanation of duties and being introduced to co-workers. But in a tight labor market, savvy employers realize keeping good employees depends on the initial relationship they develop with the organization – the Onboarding process.
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Warren Buffet Knows About Profit

warren buffet story

While in high school, Warren Buffet and a friend bought a used nickel pinball machine for $25.  They arranged to install it in a barbershop, offering the barber a no-risk proposition – they would split all the profits evenly.  Buffet thought customers waiting for a haircut might like something to do.  He was right.  Read More