How Far Would Your Employees Go?

What would your employees do when faced with a frustrated, exasperated customer?

I had an experience last Saturday that blew my socks off.  I needed a black toner cartridge for my laser printer.  My favorite store for this item is Cartridge World in Cambridge.  I know the owners Steve and Renee Horbul and they’ve always given great service at a reasonable price.   Read More

“They beat me up… But I kind of liked it.”

One of the things that I enjoy most about my work is that I get to meet all kinds of people in many different types of businesses.  Each individual brings his/her own unique personality, skill set and strengths to the table.   Read More

Shrink-wrapped cars & other amusing things

I was on my way to my father’s home in Boyceville, WI last week and stopped in Amery to pick up a few groceries.  As I pulled into the parking lot I saw something I have never seen before – an SUV wrapped in shrink wrap.  Someone clearly was playing a joke.   Read More

Better technology isn’t the answer

This is a true story.
Imagine you’re 93 years old and living in a nursing home.  Your days run one into another with little diversion.  As you sit in your chair, stories of your life play through your mind: your favorite song, your first kiss, your wedding day, your bowling team, the tragic death of your daughter and on and on and on.   Read More

You just don’t know about people

I’ve been in meetings this week with people I don’t know – even though we’ve been meeting 5 or 6 times a year for the past four years.
Our meetings have always focused on business, not each other.   Read More

Sometimes it Pays to Pester

In the early years of our business, my husband did the sales.  He was pretty good at selling but he absolutely hated it.  He was tremendously relieved when I came on-board at Raven Machine & Tool and took over the sales and marketing.   Read More

Can you also walk on water?

In a previous life I was a headhunter.  I scoured the region looking for just the right people to fill jobs.  Applicants were screened and tested and interviewed.  Only the best two or three got “live” interviews.  The role I played was mostly detective; the higher the position, the deeper I dug.  It was pretty easy to ferret out the fakes back then, privacy laws were non-existent and previous employers told the truth, and expected the same courtesy in return.   Read More

“Maybe I’ll sell T-shirts….”

Kevin loved working on cars and had a knack for making even the roughest running rust bucket purr like a kitten.  But even more than fixing cars, he loved building cars – race cars.  He enjoyed welding roll cages, reinforcing fenders, upgrading chassis and narrowing rear ends.  It was his passion.   Read More

Mistakes were made Lessons were learned

I had lunch recently with Sam (not his real name) who owns a property development business.  He company purchases land all over the country, usually close to college campuses.  Their specialty is building apartments for student housing.  They would own and manage the properties for a few years and then sell them.  Life was good for a long time — and then it wasn’t.   Read More

For goodness sake, pay attention!

For goodness sake, pay attention!

A friend of mine recently went to Mexico; the airports coming and going were packed. Long lines snaked through the terminal as people waited to go through security. As they waited, some texted, and texted and texted – one after another – totally oblivious of their surroundings until the moment the agent asked for their boarding pass and identification.Then they “woke up” and started pawing through their bags and pockets for the proper documents. Each distracted traveler held up the line for 30 seconds or more. “Thirty seconds isn’t so long,” you might think; but consider that you’re the 40th person in line and every third or fourth person is unprepared when they get to the agent. How long does it feel to you now?

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