Smart, hungry, determined

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Smart, hungry, determined

There’s a war against raccoons by our neighbors to the north.  They are such a pest in Toronto, the city has been dubbed “the raccoon capital of the world.”

While reading the article and watching the videos, it occurred to me that raccoons and entrepreneurs have traits in common.

Successful ones have significant street smarts.  Both have to be flexible, nimble and willing to adapt to changing circumstances.  They have to push through adversity, fighting for everything.  Remember the raccoon who scaled the USB building in St. Paul last June?

Hunger propels them.  Hungry raccoons persistently work at getting to where the food is.  They chew, dig, tear, bite and worry complicated handles and locks until they achieve their goal.  Entrepreneurs are bursting with passion and believe one million percent in what they’re doing.  Couple this with planning, persistence and patience and they’re a force to be reckoned with.  (Rascal the raccoon will open any lock for the promise of a tasty treat.)

Determination is key to successful entrepreneurship.  Achieving a goal usually takes longer than expected and it can be difficult to stay on task when you can’t see signs of progress.  Determination is being willing to weather the rough ups and downs on the way to your goal.  It’s not about sticking to a single path, you must approach your goal from different angles being creative to get what you want.  (Check out this determined raccoon who couldn’t get the garbage can opened.)

True entrepreneurs find ways to make their ideas happen.  They ARE smart, hungry, determined and focused.  Resourceful entrepreneurs often bounce ideas off other business owners.  Through these conversations they can step back, evaluate, re-adjust and regenerate.  The results are better decisions and a stronger business.  (If you’re interested in learning from like-minded individuals, check out a Raven Roundtable!)

The road is easier together,

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