Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime…

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Summertime brings vacations, sunny distractions and no school.  It tends to be a more relaxed and slower time of year for most businesses.  However, thinking it has to be that way is a trap!  Take advantage of the less hectic schedule to regroup, refocus and re-strategize!   

Remember how you started January?  You were excited, motivated, filled with the energy of new goals, but now that 2017 is half over, perhaps some of that motivation is lost.  Goals haven’t been met and the summer slowdown is an excuse to slack off.

 Here are some steps to get you and your team back on track.

  1. Clean.  Clean out your office, your email inbox, your desk and your files.  A clean, organized environment will help you focus on those neglected goals.
  2. Inspire.  Are there classes you want to take?  Articles you want to write?  A new system to initiate?  Now is the time to “just do it.”  List all the ideas your team has been kicking around for six months and put them into action.
  3. Prioritize your business goals.  Once completed, sit down with your team and decide how to accomplish them.  Now is the time to eliminate, refine and refocus.
    Research shows that summer vacations are beneficial for the health of you and your team, but don’t let the fun detract from your company’s success.  Make the adjustments necessary to focus your efforts toward the right tasks.

With more time off, you need to work smarter, not longer.

The road is easier together,

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