Thanksgiving ~ Which Group Are You In?

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Thanksgiving ~ Which Group Are You In?   

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to feast. It is also Hanukkah, a Festival of Light celebrated by my Jewish friends.

For many it’s a holiday from work, for others it’s not. These two groups of people will be spending their day in very different ways. Some of the possible activities for those who don’t have to go to work are:

• Waking up when they want to, not when they have to
• Wearing a belt with extra holes so it can be loosened after Thanksgiving dinner (or wearing pants with elastic waistbands)
• Preparing a big dinner for loved ones (or a special dish as a potluck offering) Eating so much their stomach hurts, their eyeballs pop and they have to roll out of their chair and crawl out of the room to get away from the food
• Watching football until their eyes glaze over and their brains turn to mush (or nap through the game)
• Dashing out to score big on early Black Friday sales
• Giving thanks for another year lived, for people who love them and for hope for tomorrow.

Activities for people who have to “go to” work might include:

• Caring for the sick or injured
• Responding to calls for help (accidents, fires, assaults, etc.)
• Driving a float (if they’re in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade)
• Dispatching emergency vehicles and workers (In the case of power outages, fires, accidents, bad weather)
• Serving food to people who eat in restaurants
• Dealing cards or serving drinks to people who celebrate Thanksgiving in a casino
• Working overtime in a factory or workplace to insure satisfied customers (Sure, they get paid extra, but it’s still a sacrifice to work on a holiday)
• Wishing they could be with the ones they love and counting the hours until the end of their shift.

Whichever group you fall in, take a moment to stop and reflect on all you have, give thanks for those you love and who love you in return and for being able to touch the world with your presence.

For me, I am thankful to you for reading my blog, for giving me the opportunity to touch your life and fulfill my purpose of helping others grow. You are the reason I live. Thank you.

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“Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.”
  ~ unknown

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