The Easy Way Out

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The Easy Way Out

“Those who are looking for the easy way out usually have the hardest time finding it.”  ~Anonymous

Imagine you are confronted with a task.  How will you complete it?  What are your options: the easy way, the hard way and the smart way. 

The easy way may be short and sweet, but you don’t learn and grow, and you may miss valuable insights.  The hard way often teaches you the smart way – the better way of accomplishing a task.

Why is it:

  • Easier to get gastric bypass or lap-band surgery than to exercise and change unhealthy habits?
  • Easier to get a divorce than to do the hard work it takes to make a marriage work?
  • Easier to take your business elsewhere than to take the time to talk to a manager and complain in a specific and reasonable manner?
  • Easier to file bankruptcy or default on loans than to work with your creditors to repay your obligations?

Many people take the easy way out because they don’t see the benefit of trying to fix what’s wrong.

Perhaps after a great deal of effort, there really is no better solution other than surgery, divorce or bankruptcy, but this should be the last option, not the first choice.

There is no easy road to success.  It’s usually uphill and bumpy and you’ll fall and trip occasionally.  But pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep pushing onward.  You’ll learn more about coping with the next difficult situation when you have found the “smart way”.

The road is easier together,

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