The Power of Repetition

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Steve Clayton is the Chief Storyteller for Microsoft. He is tasked with presenting the mission, history, and message the way Microsoft wants to be viewed internally and externally. It’s an important job, especially when the mission statement is:

“To empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more”
CEO, Satya Nadella believes and is so invested in the mission that he starts and ends every speaking engagement with it. That’s over 300 in five years. That’s incredibly powerful: it ensures people know top management at Microsoft believes and lives by their mission.
What message are you trying to share? The power of repetition is your friend. It’s an essential tool for any leader striving to endorse the results they desire in their team.
A study of managers in the workplace found a simple truth:
Managers who were deliberately redundant moved their projects forward faster and more smoothly.
Saying the same thing the same way over and over can be annoying. People may tune you out. The power of repetition requires skill and finesse. It’s about finding multiple creative and effective ways to reinforce your point. Here are some ideas.
  1. Say it first, then put it in writing. Whether it’s an email, a Slack message, or a task in your project management system, seeing what you said can encourage your team to get on board.
  2. The power of repetition is not just about fixing problems, it also helps when you’re looking to praise and reward your team. Accentuating the positive never gets old. Praise is free and has a big impact.
  3. Lead by example, repeatedly. There’s nothing more powerful than the example you set. Nothing frustrates and demoralizes a team faster than “Do as I say, not as I do”.

The power of repetition is in its simplicity. A message heard repeatedly is more likely to stay in your mind.

Do you need a Chief Storyteller? Probably not, it depends on the size of your organization. However, in every business storytelling is a powerful way to understand, capture, articulate, and educate people. All employees must be aware of their company’s mission, strategy, and direction. Pass on your stories! Make sure your purpose and journey are understood and shared by your employees. You’re building more than a product or service; you’re building followers and supporters for the future of your brand.

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