They May Not Want To Come Back

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People are trickling back to the office. Some are glad to get back to the life they remember, others, not so much.

In April 2021, FlexJobs surveyed employees working from home:

 would “absolutely” look for a new job if they will not be able to continue working remotely in their current position.

65% prefer working remotely.

33% prefer a hybrid arrangement.

Only 2% would prefer to return to the traditional office on a full-time basis.

SHRM shared some of the ways employers are accommodating this new reality.

  • Employees still need to hear what actions are being taken to keep them safe. Even with vaccinations, they must be reassured that their employer is concerned with their welfare.
  • Empathy and transparency are key. Listening to the needs and concerns of people navigating the pandemic, complex child care, and schooling issues call for deeper listening and creative solutions.
  • Mutually define job roles, make sure leaders and employees are working toward agreed-upon goals.
  • Look critically at space requirements; review processes, streamlining where possible.
  • More companies are adding a 24-hour nurse line and mental health support to the normal medical, dental, and vision benefits. Others are offering a stipend that employees can use at their discretion for things like the Calm app or wellness books.
  • Team building activities now include remote methods such as the ability to hashtag employees to recognize their accomplishments.
  • Management huddles are done one-on-one through Zoom, bi-weekly coffee breaks are held over Microsoft Teams to offer support and connect as a group.

Success means recruiting and retaining top talent: it’s essential to meet these new expectations or risk losing the best to competitors who offer more flexibility.

What will you do differently today?

The road is easier together, (that’s why there are Raven Roundtables.)

Time is precious. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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