We say it in our heads more than we say it out loud

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As Robert walked through his shop, he looked around, observing how organized his new foreman was.  Technicians were engaged at their stations; no stray tools were laying around.  The foreman was in conversation, Robert’s day got busy, and he never got around to letting the foreman know how pleased he was.

In another instance, my friend JoAnn shared her frustration regarding a date she and her husband went on recently.  She spent extra time on her make-up and picked a dress she knew her husband liked.  They had a nice evening, but he never once complimented her appearance.  When they arrived home, she asked if he had noticed the extra effort.  He seemed surprised.  “I did!  Didn’t I say anything?  I thought I did.  I meant to.”

With the pace of our lives it’s easy to get caught up in the “big things” we forget the power of small steps and little actions.  A hug.  A smile.  A moment of eye contact.  Or, an honest compliment.

Here are some tips for giving compliments people will remember and cherish.

Say how you feel, not just what you see

Instead of saying, “It looks like you’ve lost weight, nice job!”  Try saying, “Your energy lifts me up!  I’m glad we could meet today.”

Describe how they fulfilled an emotional need for you

Instead of saying, “I enjoy your blogs.” Try saying, “Reading your blogs makes a difference and I tried….”

Think beyond words

Words are powerful and can feel like the ultimate day-booster, but there are other ways to express your appreciation: a smile, a hug, a gift or even a client referral.  Ask yourself, what kind of ‘compliment’ would you remember as meaningful?

Compliments can motivate people to take brave steps, power though a tricky situation, even attempt something they didn’t feel strong enough to do before.  The world is a better place for all of us when we express what is in our hearts.

Today and every day, let your compliments flow!


The road is easier together,

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