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Presented by Terry Kurash owner of Terry Kurash & Associates
Recruiter and Employment & Recruitment Consultant
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In this 45 minute presentation Terry will share with you his best secrets from 30+ years of talent recruitment. Where to look for good talent, how to attract quality people and know where you sit in the job market place. He also answered questions from the audience.

The Productivity Project
by Chris Bailey
Presented By JoyGenea Schumer

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Presented by JoyGenea Schumer of Solutions by JoyGenea
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In this 45 minute presentation JoyGenea goes over the top five chapters from the book “The Productivity Project”.  The chapters covered are:

Chapter 2:  Not All Tasks Are Created Equal

Chapter 3:  Three Daily Tasks

Chapter 9:  Working Less

Chapter 5:  Cozying Up To Ugly Tasks

Chapter 10:  Energy Enlightenment

At the end of each chapter there is a challenge to try. It typically takes less than ten minutes to complete the challenge. Feel free to pause the video and complete the challenge.