What Do You Do When The Worst Happens?

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Life randomly throws the unexpected at us all the time. We enjoy some events, such as finding a $20 bill, but a serious illness or the loss of a job can turn our lives upside down. Companies can also be forced to face dramatic changes: losing funding, an important customer or discovering a strong new competitor in their market.

When bad things come your way, you need to think creatively and respond proactively. Unfortunately, research shows the opposite happens: fear, anger and frustration cause your brain to constrict, nothing is as clear as it should be.

Next time life throws you a curve ball remember:

Don’t assume just because you didn’t want it, it’s bad. There’s no way of knowing the outcome of an event, but a lot depends on how you respond. If we are alert, unexpected situations have the potential to open doors to new opportunities. The loss of a job may force you to out of a rut and into a more satisfying career! Rather than getting wrapped up in the negative, take a deep breath and say, “We shall see.” Then move forward with hope.

Trust in your ability to be okay. Most of us have been through bad things in our lives. You’ve probably weathered several significant challenges and bumps in the road. We survived! Remember what you’ve already survived and ask yourself, “What did I do to get through the loss of ….?”

Focus on using your strengths, ask for help, step back and look at the situation from other points of view.

When you redirect your attention from a problem to the knowledge that you’ll be able to handle it, you’ll see opportunities, help and support you may have otherwise missed.

The road is easier together,

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