What Have We Learned from All This?

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How quickly life can change.  We’re five months into a pandemic that has changed the rhythm of our lives.  As we take time to think first of the health of our families, friends, employees, and communities, we are also learning lessons that will help us navigate future challenges.

  • It’s wise to slow down and solidify relationships.  The new slower pace has helped us connect with the family in deeper more meaningful ways.
  • Going out is over-rated.  Did we really need all the eating out, going out, and hanging out in groups?  Some of us have discovered it merely made for a delusional busy life that ended up in stress and tiredness.
  • Strong cash reserves give you options.  Some individuals were fortunate, they were able to continue working or had savings they could fall back on.  Others were forced to face the reality of accepting the generosity of strangers.
  • In a crisis, all eyes turn to the leader.  It’s important to communicate proactively and present a calm, clear “we’ll get through this” message. Leaders who were honest and hopeful, simple, and direct were listened to and followed.  They said what they knew and what they didn’t know. They were there, visible every day talking and reassuring.  Their team knew that their well-being was important.
  • Resilience isn’t just a slogan; it’s a necessity.  Everyone should be thinking about what risks might crop up in the future.  COVID 19 isn’t done with us yet and we have to brace for more uncertainty.

We all want to come out of this pandemic better than we went in; it may be possible if we postpone unnecessary decisions, delay purchases, and stay alert. Please, don’t waste the lessons we are learning from this crisis.

The road is easier together,

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