What lies do you tell yourself?

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In the past, word of mouth and referrals had kept JoAnn’s company busy. But the market was changing with new technology and growing competition.  Sales were starting to slump.   JoAnn knew something had to be done, but she lacked confidence in her own judgment.  She felt ineffective discussing sales with customers.  When she talked to a business mentor about her fears, he asked some pointed questions.  

  • Did she have confidence in the services she provided?
  • Who had the best knowledge of what services her company offered?
  • Could she listen and interpret clients’ needs and propose solutions to fit?
  • Did she have a good understanding of her competition and their offerings?

Answering these questions was transformative to JoAnn.  She realized she had all the right answers and could indeed be the best representative for the company; she just had to stop telling herself the lie that she was not capable.
JoAnn was able to reinvent her thinking; with preparation and practice she soon realized she could be a very effective salesperson for her company.  She called on current customers, introduced herself to new prospects and sales began to increase.
The power of the unsubstantiated lies we tell ourselves can be self-defeating.  They cause us to avoid taking action and reaching our full potential.  The lies undermine and sabotage us.
What lies are you telling yourself?  Do you have limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you?  Challenge them and work on changing them.  You are better than you know.

The road is easier together,

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