What to do, What to do

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Americans typically make an average of 70 decisions every day.  Business owners probably make many more.

On any given day you may have multiple good options sitting on your desk; so many options that choosing just one is paralyzing.  You’re pulled in many directions and realize focusing on one choice may mean missing out on the others.  You’re at a crossroads.  How do you know you’re taking the best course of action?  What a dilemma!

Will more study help?  Will delaying your decision mean missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Certainly not making a choice doesn’t help you or your organization.

Seth Godin suggests writing a “one pager on each of the five best alternatives you are considering.  Use the document to sell each idea as hard as you can, highlighting the benefits for you and for those you seek to serve.”

“Then hand the proposals to your trusted advisor group.  They vote (with you out of the room) and you commit to doing whatever they choose.  Not thinking about it but doing it.”

According to Seth, merely agreeing to this scenario is usually enough incentive to pick one to work on.

Let’s do it!

The road is easier together,

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