What’s Your Silver Bullet?

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It’s said a silver bullet can kill a werewolf.

A silver bullet can also be a direct and supposedly effortless solution to a problem; a remedy that cuts through complexity and provides an immediate (almost magical) fix.
Some leaders are always chasing the silver bullet, thinking that once they find it, all their worries will go away.  If only life and business were that easy.

Here are three silver bullets that can transform your world.

Maximizing People: Most leaders want the best people; to find them requires two things.

  1. Engaging them in creating value, which requires an inclusive leadership mentality
  2. Being willing to reward results

Growing current employees by ensuring they are given challenging positions and assignments that use their talents. Take a personal interest in their development.

Customer Management: All customers are not created equal, be selective.  Find ones that:

  1. Allow you to be profitable
  2. Are growing
  3. Align with your core values

A roundtable member did this analysis, she found that 35% of their customers generated 92% of their profit AND that 53% of their customers generated less than 3% of their profit (while eating up most of the company resources.)

Clear, Precise Strategy: Most organizations say they have a strategy; in reality, they have many, which ends up looking like a to-do list.

A strategy is a single, overarching concept that drives every business
decision helping the organization achieve its desired future state.

Design your strategy to align with the initiatives you are putting in place to grow.  It will make clear what you must do and what NOT to do.

These bullets may not be magical, but they will improve performance – all of them will transform your organization.

As the Lone Ranger* used to say: “Hi-Ho Silver, away!”

The road is easier together,

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