When Did We Stop Using Magic Words?

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We have all experienced long lines with stressed-out employees doing their utmost to serve every customer.

Then there is the impatient person who seems unaware that there are other people waiting to be served. The last time I encountered this scenario, I was next up and decided to do us all a favor by inviting the impatient lady to go ahead of me. The clerk completed the transaction and the customer left muttering “What has this world come to?” without a thank you for either one of us.

In the relentless pace of today’s world, we sometimes get so caught up with our own agenda that we neglect the simple pleasantries that connect us with others. Whether the relationship is personal or professional, a proper “thank you” still matters.

How do you say, “Thank You” and do it well?

Be authentic. A pre-printed thank you card is better than nothing but expressing thanks is more powerful when you thank someone in person and send a handwritten note.

Thank immediately. Don’t wait. Extend your thank you within a week after you receive a gift, card, or favor.

Thank often. When you are sincere in your appreciation, you can never say thank you enough. It’s a sign of respect and caring that’s impossible to overdo.

Don’t delegate. Thank you should come from you, not your assistant or spouse.

A handwritten note. The handwritten thank you is still the best, especially when you invest in a nice card or stationery and use your best penmanship.

A thank you email. If you are pressed for time or have nightmarish handwriting, sending an email is the next best thing. The suggestions above still apply.

Words of appreciation have a profound impact on people. They can uplift, build confidence, and encourage.

Who should you remember with a thank you today?


The road is easier together,


Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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