You Are What You Say You Are

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You are a creature of excellence.

We are what we tell ourselves.  If you get up in the morning eager to squeeze opportunity out of another new day, you will find abundant opportunities.  If you get up dreading the slow crawl through unfriendly territory, your day will drag and you’ll be exhausted by the end.   

What we believe about ourselves creates our attitudes and our attitudes are reflected in our behaviors.  When your day is spent bashing “them”, the economy, technology, politicians, or a dozen other things, you are determining how your day will turn out.

The words you use are your choice of determinants: Talented or merely lucky? Perseverant or stubborn?  Is this a simple setback or am I defeated?   We control the words and they control the result of our experiences.

Want proof of how powerful words are?  Check out the video “The Power of Words.”

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