Your Choice

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One of my favorite bloggers is Seth Godin and one of his best blogs is below.

Your Choice
Habits are a choice
Giving is a choice
Reactions are a choice   
Ideas are a choice
Connections are a choice
Reputation is a choice
The work is a choice
Words are a choice
Leading is a choice

No one can be responsible for where or how we each begin. No one has the freedom to do anything or everything, and all choices bring consequences. What we choose to do next, though, how to spend our resources or attention or effort, this is what defines us.

Why I like Seth Godin: Seth argues that marketers no longer have the power to command the attention of anyone they choose, whenever they choose.

In a marketplace in which consumers have more power, he thinks marketers must show more respect; this means no spam, no deceit and a bias for keeping promises.

Godin asserts that the only way to spread the word about an idea is for that idea to earn the buzz by being remarkable. Godin refers to those who spread these ideas as “Sneezers,” and to the spreading idea as an “IdeaVirus.” He calls a remarkable product or service a purple cow.

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