Your Most Important Role – Growing People

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your most important role
There is more to creating a successful business than developing a plan and increasing revenues.  Your most important role doesn’t involve numbers; your most important role is growing people.

As a leader, your number one priority is to bring the best out in others; that takes commitment and the ability to observe talent that others may not see.  Here are some suggestions from leaders who believe in bringing out the best in their people.

Good leaders identify individual’s strengths and give employees opportunities to use them.  Some strengths are obvious, but effective leaders schedule one-on-one meetings and ask questions such as, “What do you enjoy most about your work?  What have you done in past jobs that you miss and why?”  Do you have suggestions for me?

Leaders listen to what people are saying and put themselves in their shoes.  When situations are emotional, empathy can reduce tension.  People are more productive when there is understanding and harmony in the workplace.

People who bring out the best in others recognize and reward them for their contributions.  Praise makes a person feel good about themselves and encourages them to strive to live up to that praise.  It’s even more meaningful when they are challenged or going through tough times.

Delegating brings out the best in people.  Good managers assign and set goals, but they stay out of the details.  Stretch goals push people and impact how they feel about themselves, their work and what they accomplish.

People who bring out the best in others encourage them to think, speak and act within reason.  They demand high-level work, but they accept that mistakes are part of the learning process.

In order to accomplish anything of significance, you must involve other people.  When you bring out the best in others you change the world.

The road is easier together,

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