Make It Spiffy

Make It Spiffy

It’s been a long winter, but spring brings warm temps, bright flowers and spring showers.

“Spring cleaning” conjures up tackling projects to freshen up a home – it can also apply to our businesses.  Read More

Magical Thinking

Magical thinking

Magical thinking is defined as believing one event happens as a result of another without any plausible link of causation.  Read More

Loose? Tight?

Management is evolving. Much of what we once believed about leading people has been adapted or abandoned as we learn more about neuroscience.  Leadership in the 21st century will be less about command and control and more about collaboration, respect, trust, agility and outside-the-box thinking.  Read More

One Dot at a Time

One Dot at a Time

Pointillism, also referred to as “dot art” uses dots, sometimes millions of dots, to create amazing works. No matter the size, each piece starts with a single dot.  Read More

Dang, that hurt.

Why are we so hesitant to tell people when they’ve said something hurtful to us?  We worry that our intention (to end the hurt) will be misunderstood and fear even a gentle confrontation may backfire and perhaps escalate.  Mastering a few simple tactics can dramatically improve your relationships.  Read More

Should Work Be Fun?


It takes time and experience to determine which pearls of wisdom we should keep or discard about the world of business.  Read More

Got Grit?

Got Grit

In the 1969 western True Grit, Mattie Ross (Kim Darby) hires U.S. Marshall Rooster J. Cogburn (John Wayne) to track down her father’s killer.  Ross travels to Fort Smith Arkansas to hire Cogburn because she’s heard he has “true grit”.  If you’ve seen the movie, or the remake, you know that Mattie Ross has a substantial dose of “true grit” as well.  Read More