Comfortable and Coasting

We all have moments of feeling “in the zone.” It’s the perfect time when all your cylinders are firing. It’s exhilarating and fun.

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JANUARY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF THE MONTH: If you had $1 million to take your business as far as you could go, what would you do with the capital?


The question this month: If you had $1 million to take your business as far as you could go, what would you do with the capital?

Top Three Answers from January’s question

  • I would invest that money in succession planning and growing sales.  I’d look for a person who understands my business, is good in sales and bring them in with the idea they would be my successor.  Of course, the trickle-down effect of hiring a good salesperson is that you get to hire more support people and that gives you more opportunity to send more of that million dollars!

  • It intrigued my leadership team, I brought it to one of our Traction meetings and we agreed, it wouldn’t go very far for us.

  • Having things under one roof, instead of spread out through three or four buildings would entirely change the way we work.  We would gain efficiencies and have critical operations under one roof. That would be huge for us and the most beneficial use of the money. We’ve always been a “good year” company.  When we had a good year, we’d build another building. 

Do Your Managers Hide The Dirt?

My mother was a busy and probably overwhelmed farm wife with four young children, gardens, canning, fixing three meals a day from scratch, the list goes on.  When the linoleum in the kitchen was replaced, her major concern was that it hid the dirt.  A neighbor (also a farm wife and busy mother) bought new carpet that would absorb moisture and dirt.  It worked great until it had to be pulled up and replaced.  What a stinky mess that turned out to be!  My grandmother, on the other hand, always had light floors in her home because she wanted to see the dirt and get rid of it.

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Why Joy?

Perhaps you treasure a memory like this:  Watching my daughter play tag one night when she was about five.  She was running as fast as she could, dodging and ducking, staying just out of reach of the person who was “it”.  Just before she was about to be “tagged” she reached the tree and gleefully screamed, “Home!”.  The exhilaration she and her friends displayed as they ran and laughed and played sounded like pure joy.

According to the inspirational author, Robert Ringer, joy is “a moment in time when everything seems to be just perfect.”

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Go Figure It Out!

A server in a local restaurant was taking our drink order; “Coffee for my husband and a big glass of warm water for me”, I answered.  The server replied “We don’t have warm water.  We only have hot water and cold water.”  Huh?!

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What Do You Do When The Worst Happens?

Life randomly throws the unexpected at us all the time. We enjoy some events, such as finding a $20 bill, but a serious illness or the loss of a job can turn our lives upside down. Companies can also be forced to face dramatic changes: losing funding, an important customer or discovering a strong new competitor in their market.
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Slower is Faster

When work is piled up it’s easy to get stuck, feeling that you need to rush through everything. But when you hurry too much, you’re prone to make mistakes and miss opportunities. You “can’t see the forest for the trees”. We get stressed and forget that we can increase our speed if we first slow down.

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I Want You To Have It All

2020 – the new year is just days away – full of promise and potential, brimming with possibilities and change.
Whatever 2020 looks like for you, I want you to “have it all.”  

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