What Does the Other Person Want?

The ability to persuade is a valuable skill.  It translates into making a huge sale, convincing people to follow your leadership, getting customers to pay bills on time, and assisting in passing legislation that’s important to you. Read More

“The Talk” – We Can Be Better Than This

When I was growing up getting “the talk” meant having a somewhat awkward conversation with your parent about the birds & the bees.  Today having “the talk” means something entirely different and more ominous especially if you are a person of color.
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What Have We Learned from All This?

How quickly life can change.  We’re five months into a pandemic that has changed the rhythm of our lives.  As we take time to think first of the health of our families, friends, employees, and communities, we are also learning lessons that will help us navigate future challenges.

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What Makes You Afraid?

Everyone is afraid of something: spiders, snakes, rejection, the unknown – the list is endless. We’re all hardwired to feel fear.

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Our world is full of distractions: kids home from school, vacation plans (or lack of them), coronavirus, summer heat, short tempers, email, social media, bright shiny objects, and now even protests and riots.
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MAY 2020 ANSWER TO THE QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Call one customer before our May meeting and ask, “What is your biggest challenge today or what is your greatest unmet need?


Call one customer before our May meeting and ask,
“What is your biggest challenge today or
what is your greatest unmet need?”

When talking to customers, I haven’t learned anything new, but it has been validating.

Amazon makes it easy to return items, so when customers have issues they don’t understand, they just send the item back saying it didn’t.  They just don’t know how to figure out what the issue is.

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Our Precious Cell Phones

Our cell phones have become an essential part of us. We use them incessantly to send and receive messages, check our email, follow the latest tweetstorm, make and track purchases, or simply play a game.  Hardcore users devote up to 12 hours every day to their smartphones. There’s no indication that spending that much time staring at a small screen improves our productivity or mental health.Read More

How We Live Today is What Determines Tomorrow

For many, staying safe at home is getting old.  The list of activities we can safely partake in is growing and each one added seems to magnify the things we should avoid/delay.  While the pandemic has curtailed some activities, it has also pushed us outside our comfort zones.  We are creating new ways to enrich our lives and help others.Read More

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Do you sometimes react quickly to a situation and later wish you had “thought before you acted”?  Do you find that your emotions control decisions rather than objectively looking at an issue before acting?  As a leader, are you aware how your emotions and the emotions of your team can affect actions and reactions?    Your answers to these questions may determine your level of Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional intelligence makes a strong leader and builds stronger teams.

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It Is What It Is

A member of our ZOOM meeting this week: “I am so over agonizing about COVID 19.  I’ve got to get on with my life and start running my business again.  I can’t control everything, but I can run my business proactively and stop worrying.  It is what it is.  Time to move on.”Read More