Who sits
at a Raven
Executive Roundtable?

leaders motivated to learn and to share
diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, experience
no speakers or sales pitches

Is there a seat for you here?



When markets change and personal milestones come up, you may need advice and guidance that you can no longer get from your usual network of sources.

Raven Performance Group meets business owners at the crossroads with a trusted group of peers who are as hungry for your knowledge as you are for theirs.

You’ll broaden your personal and business perspectives.
You’ll hone your skills through facilitated dialogue with professionals of diverse backgrounds.
You’ll enhance your skills with one-on-one coaching that includes a Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment.
The group’s insight along with their Strategic MAP are the tools you need in order to realize and sustain the full potential of your business


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Raven Roundtable meetings have become a regular, personal, and insightful advisory board review of my most important business issues and strategies.

This ad hoc Raven / Packard advisory board share their perspectives of my new and most vexing issues and keep me from reinventing the wheel. And most importantly, from making mistakes I might have made without this discipline.

Working on my business is as important as working in my business (my first rule of business).

Strategic Corporate Acquisition and Partner Search

Mike T - President
When was the last time you took time to sit and think? No TV, no music, no background noise, just you and your thoughts.
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It had been a busy day. Joan had been running since early morning; it was now late afternoon. She was anxious to get home. She whipped onto the parkway and almost ran into a parked car. Ahead of her, three cars were stopped in the middle of the road. In a hurry to pass, she swung around the car in
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A friend lives in a suburb with lovely lawns, trees, and sidewalks: perfect for dog lovers to enjoy an outing with their pets. One of the realities of owning dogs is the “droppings” they leave behind. Most are conscientious about not leaving a mess in yards as they pass by. A few don’t care.
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