Raven CEO Roundtables

Raven CEO Roundtables are comprised of 8 to 10 business owners who meet once a month.  These confidential, three-hour meetings serve as an informal advisory/accountability board for the members.  Among the issues discussed are people, finances, marketing/sales, strategy and balance.

Business owners move their businesses forward using a tool called the Strategic MAP.

Strategic MAP

Are you achieving your goals?  Business owners spend most of their time working IN the business instead of ON the business.   Businesses that thrive are a result of carefully planning and executing strategically.

Each CEO prepares an annual confidential Strategic MAP and presents it to the members of their roundtable.  This proprietary tool provides direction for the member’s business as well as their personal life.  The MAP outline is easy to follow and creates valuable results.

MAP features three segments:

M — Mining your Past. Identify the strengths and challenges of your past to help understand the present.

A — Assessing your Present. Reveal your current life, your strengths and your needs.

P — Planning your Future. Use your historic strengths combined with your present life to develop a plan for a more rewarding future.

Studying your past helps you assess your current life and plan your future to live your newly envisioned life.

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Business Assessment

The Six Critical Areas for Business Success – Assessment is a complimentary diagnostic tool designed to help you achieve more.

What Is A Raven Roundtable?


We provide up-to-date relevant workshops for business owners and their teams.  Workshops are by invitation only and free to members.