Why a CEO Roundtable?

Being a CEO you deal with a variety of situations not everyone is making decisions about.

Having a group of peers to draw from, lean on and pick the brains of is an antidote for the isolation business owners face

Monthly Meetings

•    Connect with eight to ten CEO peers from a diverse range of businesses and backgrounds for challenging discussions, broader perspective and strategies to help drive results for your clients

•    Build confidence and gain new insights into relationships with clients

•    Get confidential feedback on your toughest challenges

•    Each member prepares an annual Strategic Map on their business and their life and receives pointed, intelligent, outside-the-box feedback

•    Meeting with other owners and leaders gives you the opportunity to work ON your business, not just IN your business.

Business Assessment

The Six Critical Areas for Business Success – Assessment is a complimentary diagnostic tool designed to help you achieve more.

What Is A Raven Round Table

The benefits of sitting at a Raven Roundtable can be seen in every aspect of my business.  From revenue, to client relationships, marketing, pricing and balancing work/home.  I know that I am a 300% more profitable business since I joined the group.  It paid for itself the first time I brought a situation to my group and made a phone call at the break to address the problem.  I had well rounded, sound advice I could quickly take action with.

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JoyGenea S - President