Go Figure It Out!

A server in a local restaurant was taking our drink order; “Coffee for my husband and a big glass of warm water for me”, I answered.  The server replied “We don’t have warm water.  We only have hot water and cold water.”  Huh?! Figuring things out is a skill some people are good at:  Give them a problem and they’ll try

What Do You Do When The Worst Happens?

Life randomly throws the unexpected at us all the time. We enjoy some events, such as finding a $20 bill, but a serious illness or the loss of a job can turn our lives upside down. Companies can also be forced to face dramatic changes: losing funding, an important customer or discovering a strong new competitor in their market.

Slower is Faster

When work is piled up it’s easy to get stuck, feeling that you need to rush through everything. But when you hurry too much, you’re prone to make mistakes and miss opportunities. You “can’t see the forest for the trees”. We get stressed and forget that we can increase our speed if we first slow down.

I Want You To Have It All

2020 – the new year is just days away – full of promise and potential, brimming with possibilities and change. Whatever 2020 looks like for you, I want you to “have it all.”  

Two Longs And A Short

The phone in my grandmother’s house was big and brown with the earpiece hanging on a wishbone shaped hook.  When the phone rang two longs and a short, my grandmother would pick it up knowing it was for her or someone in her family.  When it rang just two longs, my grandmother would also pick it up (but quietly) because

Goodbye 2019. Hello 2020!

This is the time when we rehash the past year, calculating what worked and debating what didn’t go so well.  We can learn from past successes and missteps while preparing for the new year.  While you are thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions remember to include:


How do you feel about this holiday season?  Do you look forward to the hustle and bustle, thriving on the shopping/decorating/eating/ and trying-to-fit-everything-in schedule?   Or like many of us, do you have a love/hate relationship with this time of year?  It can be challenging to fit the added stress into the everyday stress of running a business.

Clearing My Head

We had new flooring installed in the office.  Of course, it was necessary to move everything.  Putting years of accumulated “stuff” back forced me to take a hard look at what I really wanted to keep.  I could not remember why I was holding on to all of it.  

This Morning I Am Grateful For…

My blog arrives on Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of each November.  It is a blessing to be able to share Thanksgiving with you every year. I have started a new ritual and want to share it with you.

Rock Stars or Super Stars

In her book Radical Candor, author Kim Scott identifies two types of employees: Rock stars and Super stars.