Should you dust off your cape?

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Should you dust off your cape?

Halloween superhero costumes outsold princess costumes in 2022, the first time in 11 years!

It was about time. Dressing up as a princess means little girls can wear a crown and a pretty dress. But princesses mostly wait around looking for someone else to solve their problems, like a knight on a white horse. They have no real power to change the world around them.

Even Disney princesses usually start out in unhappy circumstances being cursed and bossed around by evil stepmothers.

Superheroes are very different.

  • They have superpowers: the power of flight or invisibility, super-human strength, lasers from the eyes, spikes from the knuckles, webs from the wrists or really cool gadgets on a utility belt.
  • They are brave and fight for something bigger than themselves: Truth and Justice, Freedom and Honor, and High Moral Principles.
  • They have integrity: they have a clear set of values and can’t be turned from good.
  • They offer hope: against powerful villains who are out to conquer and destroy.
  • They are resourceful and innovative: They tackle challenges and never give up.
  • They build great teams: Superheroes build a strong network of people they can trust and who compensate for their weaknesses.
  • Superheroes make a difference. It’s one thing to care about an issue but quite another to take action.

The costume you wear everyday matters. Today I’m going to be a Superhero. I’m guessing you want to be one too; a person of strength and conviction, of perseverance and commitment, one of decency and one who makes a positive difference in the lives of others. What will you choose to wear today?

The road is easier together,

Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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