Strategic Corporate Acquisition and Partner Search


“Raven Roundtable meetings have become a regular, personal, and insightful advisory board review of my most important business issues and strategies.

This ad hoc Raven / Packard advisory board share their perspectives of my new and most vexing issues and keep me from reinventing the wheel. And most importantly, from making mistakes I might have made without this discipline.

Working on my business is as important as working in my business (my first rule of business).”

Mike T


Non-Brokered Acquisition/Partner Search

Publisher: writer, editor and publisher of award winning community newspaper

“Raven Roundtables provide practical advice to real-world problems from people who have tread the path before. It’s something I can’t get anywhere else–at any price.”

Jean DM

Publisher: writer, editor and publisher of award winning community newspaper

Operational Efficiency Expert Web/Social Media/Office

“The benefits of sitting at a Raven Roundtable can be seen in every aspect of my business.  From revenue, to client relationships, marketing, pricing and balancing work/home.  I know that I am a 300% more profitable business since I joined the group.  It paid for itself the first time I brought a situation to my group and made a phone call at the break to address the problem.  I had well rounded, sound advice I could quickly take action with.”

JoyGenea S – President

Social Media/Web/Explainer Video Designer & Action Coach

Telecommunication Brokerage


“The telecommunication industry is always changing and evolving.  It requires a business to be agile and always forward thinking.  My roundtable challenges me to think strategically and not react to changes unless they are in the best interest of my customers and future success of my business.

The members of my Roundtable bring their strengths forward, share points of view that are different from my own and hold me accountable to do the things I must do to grow a successful business.  And, it is all done in a confidential environment.

The relationships I’ve developed with the other members are priceless.  We have all become trusted advisors to each other.   It’s time well spent!”

Brenda E – President/CEO

Telecommunication Brokerage Firm

Construction, Installation & Repair Services

“In the past 14 months, I’ve replaced a sales manager, solved a thorny inventory issue and physically moved my business to a new building.  It’s been a busy time for my company.  The advice and support I’ve gotten at the roundtable meetings has opened my eyes to new opportunities and saved my company money.

In our group we have time together to commit to another member’s issue.  The ability to give advice to another is a great way for me to learn from others.  The Roundtable allows me to look at my business from 10,000 feet once a month.  It’s a great point of view.

The confidential meetings and the wisdom of the other business owners at the Table are worth their weight in gold.”

Mark N – President

Construction, Installation & Repair Services

Property Management & Retail

“I find Raven Roundtables indispensable because I always get a variety of viewpoints on issues I’m facing. These insider insights from people in other businesses give me perspectives that I couldn’t see on my own—and they are extremely valuable to me and my business. Yet, they are often very different points of view than mine. The other thing I value so much are the close friendships I’ve formed with roundtable members. They are absolutely wonderful.”

Sue P

Property Management & Retail