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On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine. In the seven weeks that have passed, we have witnessed a modern country being reduced to rubble. We have seen women and children flee. We have watched as Russia bombed homes, hospitals, and train stations. We have seen grief, despair, and hopelessness etched on people’s faces. We have also seen anger, tenacity, and determination in the citizen army.

Heartbroken isn’t a word used often but it’s top of mind as the war in Ukraine rages on. It’s a powerful word defined as “suffering from intense grief – crushed by grief”.

What if a war happened here? Would we be as brave and determined as the Ukrainians? Many of them may have thought, “It will never happen here. Not here.” But it is happening and it’s heartbreaking.

I’m going to add the word heartbroken to my vocabulary and use it in those situations where sad just isn’t enough.

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