Manage Your Energy at Work

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We hear about the importance of time management, but where do leaders find the energy to take care of all the issues they must confront?  How do you maintain your energy on days or weeks when everyone is demanding a piece of you?  As a leader, it is essential to manage your energy to lead and mentor those around you successfully.


These techniques will help you focus your energy effectively:

Work Steadily on Projects

It might feel like old news, but one of the best ways to manage your energy is to chip away at big projects every day. Break a big project into smaller tasks: set smaller goals to reach the big one.  An important proposal can be broken down. Set a goal for when to have your data collected, when to have it summarized, and when the presentation must be refined with time to practice. By separating bigger goals into smaller ones, you ensure you work at a steady pace and utilize your energy more effectively.


Work on One Task at a Time

Conserve your energy by focusing on one task at a time. It may feel as if you are more productive when you multi-task, perhaps perusing your email while working on a report, but it is just not true. Multi-tasking is really constantly re-focusing our energy. Our minds cannot work as productively when we multitask as when we focus on one project. A tip for breaking the habit of multitasking is to schedule breaks while you are working. Give yourself at least a 20-minute chunk of time to perform focused, productive work. Then take five minutes to check your email, get a cup of coffee, or stretch. If you give yourself focused time, allowing short periods of time for those other tasks, you will have a more productive workday.


Create Tomorrow’s To-Do List Today

Leaders seem to have more work than fits into their day.  Do you go home and worry about all the tasks you did not finish and must work on tomorrow?  Conserve your energy by compiling your to-do list for tomorrow before you leave work.  Make a habit of writing down everything you need to accomplish tomorrow before you leave the office so you can truly put your work to rest. Not only will you save energy, you can also relax, enjoy your family time , and renew your energy with a good night’s sleep.  When you return the next day, you will know exactly where you need to pick up from.


Learning how to manage your energy is essential to being a leader.  It is a vital characteristic you need in order to lead your organization. Start conserving energy by working steadily, working on one task at a time, and finishing your to-do list for tomorrow ahead of time. For more advice on becoming a more successful leader or CEO, contact Linda today.

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