November 2019 – Answer to the Question

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The question this month:  What are you doing in your company that will improve people and the planet for tomorrow?

#1 Internally we’re doing a lot of things to grow people:

  • We have a scholarship for graduating seniors who go into manufacturing
  • We give time off for volunteering
  • We have a corporate chaplain for employees who need someone to talk to.


#2 We have been working hard on education, orientation and safety programs at work with labor being so hard to find, we have to develop and engage people.

We have always tried to recycle. We don’t waste much.  Everything we do is focused on minimizing waste; our smallest pieces are used and the rest is ground into sawdust for bedding.  Our material is renewable resource and reforesting is a big deal for us.


#3 Our business is growing green space for people to pay to play on.  We have over 200 acres; I want to put the least amount of product [chemical] possible for the biggest amount of output.  Chemical safety is important, and we are focused on it.  We don’t freeze our chemicals and we try not to warehouse so we buy as needed.  Grass clippings don’t leave the property.

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