Pain Is Inevitable, But Suffering Is Voluntary

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Alan Weiss’ Monday Morning Memo contains spot-on insight each week.  I enjoy his writing because it pushes my boundaries and makes me think outside the box.
His January 19th message was no different.  Enjoy.   

The market dropped an astounding amount on Friday, nearly 400 points, or about 2.3%. And over the weekend, people watched playoff football games, mourned the loss of David Bowie, were intrigued by Sean Penn’s weird involvement with the recapture of drug lord El Chapo, and this morning are going back to work. We have a raucous presidential race, but no one is expecting tanks in the streets or a coup to be attempted. President Obama will leave office and someone else will replace him.

The market will recover, the political campaigns will end in November, more people (and pets) we wish could stay with us won’t be able to. Life will go on. We will all endure pain at times, but we choose how much to suffer. Life is too short and full of potential to waste it suffering.

In your personal and business pursuits, charge ahead, run through the open gate, invest in yourself and your future.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is voluntary.

If you’d like to see an episode of Alan’s past videos CLICK HERE.  (FYI – no one has ever accused him of being modest.)

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